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New glasses in 1 hour

Express eyeglasses production & repair

Few people are aware of the fact that eyeglasses lenses do not come from the lens factory cut in the shape of the frame, it is the job of the optician to grind the lens into shape. Our store has its own lens warehouse and an installed grinding machine, meaning we are able to make your glasses immediately.
Immediately means in 1 hour,
this is how much time the high-standard, and most importantly accurate process takes.

Inaccurately made glasses can cause a lot of trouble for the wearer from headaches to impaired vision. Essilor’s latest computer-controlled grinding machine allows you to make glasses in the most accurate way possible. You DO NOT have to pay a separate fee for grinding, it is included in the price of the lens!

In addition to making glasses, our services also include the repair of glasses, the replacement of parts and the replacement of the lenses of glasses and sunglasses.

Feel free to contact us if you have any problems and we will do our best solve them!