Trendoptik Sopron

The job of the optician is not only to make glasses for customers, but also to find the most optimal type of lens, taking into account the needs and usage habits of the wearer.

We need to know what customers use their glasses for, for what kind of activities they need to see clearly, what their occupation is, how large their monitor screen is, whether they read on their phone or print press, whether they play sports or go fishing wearing glasses and whether they wear them in sunshine and/or winter frost.

We also want to know if our customers drive a car, a motorcycle, or they prefer to read in the garden instead.

Everyone has a different lifestyle, which requires different glasses for different activities.

Lense manufacturers provide an enormous range of lense options, and it is our job to find the one that suits each customer best. Our profession entails making sure our customers are satisfied, so we can be satisfied as well.

Our progressive glasses are made with cutting edge tools, tailored to specific needs.

We offer special solutions for office work, depending on the work environment requiring different types of glasses.

Whatever sport it may be, we will provide the right glasses for each of our customers!