Trendoptik Sopron

We believe that everyone deserves an ounce of luxury.

We believe that glasses are fashion items and although choosing the right frame is not an easy task, we are happy to help.

Thousands of frames

We believe that your style defines you

- and we are sure that we will find yours together!

We believe that the world’s leading fashion houses design their glasses with our shelves on their minds.

Modern interior

We believe that a good pair of glasses requires maximum attention and state-of-the-art equipment,

so we provide you with a careful and thorough eye examination which will serve as the basis of your good eyesight. .

We believe that by learning about our cutting edge diagnostic tools and special examination procedures, you will be able to recommend us to others with the utmost confidence

Eye examination

We believe that your new glasses will determine your well-being for many years to come

, so our continuous training has not been and will not be in vain in the future.

We are convinced that the work we do is important and valuable - and we hope you will also feel similarly when you visit us.