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Eye exam

Our eyes are the most important and also one of our most complex sensory organs, which require regular examination. Unfortunately, people often only schedule an eye-test when their impaired vision has started causing difficulties in their daily lives as well. Eye examinations are recommended for everyone at least every two years, but for children and the elderly, as well as in special cases, it is advised that they have their eyes checked every year or every six months.

Deterioration of vision is usually a slow process that can take years without causing any particular complaints. The sooner a visual defect comes to light, the more successfully and easily the problems associated with it can be remedied.

In addition to finding the right corrective lens, regular fundus examinations and intraocular pressure measurements provide early detection and treatment of diseases responsible for the development of subsequent severe visual disturbances, such as diabetes, hypertension, glaucoma and cataracts.

The equipment of our state-of-the-art examination room ensures that we perform a thorough and comprehensive eye examination for our patients. The examination of the surface of the eye is performed with a refractometer and a slit lamp equipped with a special camera, so you can also see the condition of your eyes at a magnification of 100 times.

The examination of the inside of the eye (fundus vessels, retina) is performed with the newest digital retinoscope, so it is possible to record the condition of the eye, monitor any changes in the condition or forward the image for further consultation. This is of particular importance in diabetics and in patients with any eye disease.

Glaucoma screening is performed with a quick and painless non-contact intraocular pressure monitor. The Polathest examination is our specialty, which is designed to correct hidden optical defects. In many cases, this eliminates headaches, eye fatigue, nervous system fatigue and often learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

Our specific examination method for colour-blinds can determine whether the patient is fit to wear colour-blind glasses.
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